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We exist and don't at the same time!

I'm back! (Terminator ki awaaz mai)

Looked up at the sky, Bland as hell it is, freaks me out at times. Not a single star to be seen and all you see are these dense red clouds like everything is about to collapse.

Stars have always fascinated me, I have wonderful memories with them,

Having witnessed one of the best nights of my life to be a sky full of stars with no space between each other, light rain soon after and fire flies at arms length, bloody fairy tale I tell you. Phew!

You see, stars are special to all of us, We share our stories with them, some believe they are their loved ones (Thanks to the movies) while the others say they're just a bunch of hot gases waiting to explode themselves to a spectacle, Wormholes and shit and a little magic.

But what surprises me the most is this little thought that occurred to me a few years ago while stargazing, We know the universe is vast, So much so that we measure the distance between two celestial bodies in light years just because we're lazy to put in the zeroes that follow while measuring the kilometers between them.

Light years put in simpler words is the amount of time it takes for light to reach from point A in space to Point B.

For Example, The distance between the sun and earth is 147720000KM (147.72 million km) -copy pasted that from google, but thanks to our lazy asses we say The sun is 8 Light minutes away meaning the time for light to reach us from the sun takes 8 minutes, Didn't google that I swear!

Nothing much happens to the sun in 8 minutes if you keep in mind it's vastness, but if you move further down the road to the next nearest star the Proxima Centauri then light you see from there takes 4 long years to reach us. So the light I'm seeing from the Proxima today is from 4 years ago, Just when I started off with my Under graduation and that just feels like yesterday.

But let go further, how about the brightest star you see Betelgeuse (Googles this too), that's 450 light years away, Meaning the shining bright star we see from our sky today probably sourced light in the year 1572. So what are looking at today is just the past of how a start looked 450 years ago.

Now wait, 450 years is a long time no? how about the closest galaxy the Andromeda Galaxy?

That's 3 million light years away!!

That is just when we humans started understanding our lives and evolve!!!

The light that leaves this galaxy today will probably reach earth 3 million years later!!!!

You see we're basically time machines ourselves, with every star we gaze with a little movement of our dilated pupils we are traveling centuries and millions of years in seconds. MIND = BLOWN!

When someone asks me the question if whether or not Aliens exists, My answer to them is we don't exist for them yet because they are still looking at an earth that is yet to form or it can be the other way around. We have not discovered them because their world hasn't formed yet.


We are looking at the past , from the future , in the present. We exist and don't at the same time!

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