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Time, Unhappiness And Creation!

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog!

Today I've got an important thing to share and the inspiration to this was this one post my friend sent me, Can't find the image now cause I've quit social media (Yup! More on that on a different blog) But the meme was basically on how quickly time flew in these past recent years, the meme was something like this :

2012 - 2017 = 5 Years

2017 - 2022 = 1 Year

It's funny but true, most of us can relate to this and this is exactly how these 5 years felt, Gone by in a snap!

It's not just these 5 years, there is evidence that shows the last 20 Years have gone by and felt faster than the last 200 years,

Well then does time really fly? Are we really running out of 24 hours in a day?

or is the world running in fast forward to the end of time?

In my opinion it was never about time at all, In this fast paced world, we still miss out on reaching out to people with blazing internet speeds, In a world with reminder mails and notifications we still don't wish each other on birthdays, In a world of facetime and instant messaging we have lost connections with people, In a world of faster transport we still miss out on being on time.

Why is it that with faster technology we're always playing chase with time?

The truth is a very sad state of affairs, We as humans have actually stopped creating memories,

there is a study that shows that our mind plays a very essential role in us identifying pace of time, putting it in words we understand better today - our brain creates timelines like on facebook, memories like in snapchat or Instagram And save points like in video games.

And thanks to this wonderful feature in our mind we relate more to time, for example you will remember your best birthday to be in 2015 because of all the gifts and maybe your worst to be in 2019 - the pandemic. You will remember 2013 much better (thanks to the breakup) than 2020 cause you were at home sitting and doing nothing. We have lost sense of time today because we are not creating memories, Time seems to be evading faster than ever before because you have moved from becoming a producer of memories to a consumer of something that does not matter to you.

WE will choose to binge watch our favorite TV show today not realizing we have spent an entire day without creating a memory, only to realize in the future we don't remember this day cause our brain does not have a memory to relate to it's own timeline.

Should we be worried?

Of course you should, Imagine that you were a 20 year old when you went to bed and you wake up being 40 years old. This is exactly how our future will feel, like we will not have anything to relate to because we are so immensely into a 6 inch screen that we don't realize time flying by around us.

4 years ago when this feature of screen time was put on my phone I realized I was clocking an average of 6 hours on my phone and unlocking its up-to 2000 times a day!

Check yours right now!! See how much time you're simply throwing away.

That's not the only problem that comes along with this - Our minds are so advanced that it automates itself with a routine, up-to 90% of our day to day tasks have been automated.

You will wake up at a certain time, you will work a job for fixed period, You will feel hungry exactly during your lunch break. Everything that you do everyday becomes a habit, now imagine you're spending time watching Tik Tok videos, you as humans will eventually forget existence in a virtual world. I'm not saying that Watching a reel or spending time on social media is bad, I'm saying that when I constantly watch something that is not more than 20 second long I am training my brain not to be focused on something more than 20 seconds.

We as adults today simply hand a 8 month old baby with a phone just to make him stop crying and will be proud in saying that my child operates a smart phone being so young, Whilst not understanding it's repercussions on the baby's future.

This along with lack of creating memories has affected our growths though we have things faster than ever before we either feel we don't have enough time or that time flies.

If you are feeling disconnected, Unhappy and always feel like we are chasing something then simply ask yourself this one question -

When was the last time you created something ?

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