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It's been a long long while since I've posted something here, I know I Should be giving in more time to this but... Ugh!

Let's Move on straight to my topic today.

Does man have freewill?
Is everything pre-destined?
If everything is predestined, Should you pursue things you want in LIFE?

Meaning Of Destiny:

A defined set of future events that are determined to happen over due course of time with or without your direct presence. In terms understood my most GOD's PLAN

Ex: This blog I'm writing to be read by you. I would've written it anyway, but for this to reach your screen would be your destiny or This blog to be written was both the blogs and my destiny.

The Dilemma

It's something that always gets in the way of a believer in god, Get's him/her to think that they are challenging god's plan for you, If you're going against God's plan in doing things your way, will they work?

Or If everything that I do will have the results desired by Me or God?

If My desired plan is to fail anyway, What's the point in me pursuing it ?

My Take

I realized today that everything that has come into my life today, I have inherited it through the power of my thoughts not only the good but also the bad (I don't believe there's something bad, We can discuss that on another blog some other day). I counted them, I felt them and I truly believed I had them before I actually had them.

I believe my thoughts are sacred, they're like these wishes that come true, every single recurring thought has its impact on anything reaching you through this universe in it's physical form

I know when I truly want something I get it, but where they take me thereafter. I don't know. The things I really wanted did come true, a few remained and a few didn't, But they have surely brought me to better junctions of life which I'm thankful for yet again.

What I want to tell you is. My thoughts have become realities, so many of them. They have come true when I believed and lived them before I could actually have it.

But I also know that whatever comes from God/Nature/Universe whatever you call it, thereafter is not in my control. I have to give my best and that's the only thing I can do, give it the best thought, word and action, whatever comes, let it, whatever goes, let it. Because whatever situation you're in today, that is exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to be.

I trust my Rabb(God) with my heart and I'm thankful for it.

Yet still don't forget, that every thought and desire comes to you by your Rabb himself.

Pursue them irrespectively,

Coming to the initial questions yet again.

Are you the creator of your thoughts or has your Rabb created them for you so that you pursue them?

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