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Great ways to detox your mind - STOP 'OVERTHINKING'

If you're reading this right now and you can feel every word you're reading being said out of your mouth then this article isn't for you, congratulations!

But, if you're reading it and having thoughts of things that you have done in the past or thinking of something that you're looking forward for in the future, you're either living in the past or in the future. If you want to really make a difference it's with what you have in your hand and that's now!

Most likely 'OVERTHINKING'.

If you look at overthinking as a whole it's actually not a bad thing as people portray it to be. It's only your brain's way of helping you save your ass. Well, just not now.

I'm thinking maybe 7 million years ago when man was learning survival. Man then actually had to think, I mean, really really really think. Overfuckingthink Everything. What if I eat this? What if I go there? what if this happens? What happens if this happens should I do this? and on and on and on. It actually got us here so kudos to that.

Now, I believe we've moved a long way from that a stage but we haven't forgotten our trait of overthinking everything.

I know how it feels to be in that space, it's like a constant train of thought that just doesn't want to bloody stop!

Like huh! Mentally exhausting, tiring to the bone, when you're up you want to go to sleep, when you sleep you want to scream your way back up, when you're thinking you realize after like hours that this isn't really what you want to think about, na?

I've been there too.

But I've realized with time that if I continue to do so I'll either end up having anxiety (comes from living in the future) or end up being depressed (comes from living in the past) both which where I couldn't see myself that way.

Now, yes! Overthinking exists and probably has destroyed more dreams and people than anything else actually has. How do we get about it?

1- Seek truth! Because if you don't you'll only be fooling yourself, problems gets you to struggle, struggle gets you to seek for peace, and to find peace you need to seek and accept truth!

2- postpone your thinking, what I mean by that is tell yourself that no matter what it is you'll think about it at a future time.

For example: I'm now thinking about say how I fucked up my last relationship. So I pause and then I tell myself okay buddy, we think about this three hours later. There's a secret here which probably you'll discover when you try, but believe me. It works!

3- Give things time, time is magic!

What seems to be a grave problem today you'll probably laugh about it tomorrow. So calm down, whatever happens happens for good, trust time, time reveals everything!!

4- you can't overthink good things, don't fool yourself. Overthinking always gets you to something negative even in the best of opportunities.

5- almost 100% of opportunities are missed because they're just thoughts and not actions.

6- life is a test. Or let's say a vast and deep ocean. The situations are waves, there will be big waves - smaller waves, can you control the ocean?

Nope! Simply adjust yourself with the tide and sail! Don't swim against the tide of life.

7- Positive thinking is like weight lifting. You can lift 50kgs at once today but lifting it for the second time you'll feel like your back is broke. So lift light in the beginning, think positive for 5 minutes and gradually increase your state of mind to positive.

8- Have faith, whether you believe in gravity or not that doesn't mean gravity doesn't exist. Know that things have to turn out to be well, if they don't. That's not they end dumb bum!

9- Are you an atheist? Then you know nothing matters and you live in peace.

Are you a believer? Then you know everything is in god's hand and you live in peace. No matter what your beliefs are peace is ultimate!

10- Don't tame your mind, it only thinks well of you. A beautiful post I read, what we really need is not peace of mind, we need peace from mind.

11- Hey, nothings working for you?

No worries. I'm here for you and I love you! I've got your ass!

Look around you, count your blessings, if you have food on your table, roof over your head and family around you. You need nothing else. Be grateful to whatever you have, content and peace lies there.


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