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Corrina is a writer, mom, geek and occasional superhero. She's a former newspaper reporter with a degree in journalism from Boston University, she works from home writing romance novels with a geeky twist and as the Content Director of novels include The Curse of the Brimstone Contract, a romantic steampunk mystery; the award-winning and USA Today-recognized superhero romance series, the Phoenix Institute, which includes: Phoenix Rising, Luminous, Phoenix Legacy, Ghost Phoenix, Ghosts of Christmas Past, and Phoenix Inheritance; and the erotic Freya's Gift, a tale of Vikings in North America and a fertility ritual.

phoenixrising erotic author

From USA Today bestselling authors, S.R. Watson and Ryan Stacks, comes a binge-worthy, rock star romance. The Phoenix Rising trilogy within the Pretty Boy Rock series is complete. Are you ready to indulge in this twisted hotness?Phoenix's bandmate has one rule: his sister is off limits. But Phoenix has never been very good about following the rules.After a lifetime of being used, Phoenix's walls are up, and there's only one thing he wants: a woman to fully submit to him. Which turns out isn't so hard to find as a rock star. In fact, he has never met a woman he couldn't conquer, until he meets Harlow...Harlow is Phoenix's bandmate's sister, and completely off limits to the band. But as far as Harlow is concerned, she's off limits to all men after what happened.Yet despite the secrets they both keep, Phoenix is drawn to Harlow like a moth to the flame. She doesn't like what he stands for, but he's turned on by the rebellion and determined to bring down her walls.There's only one thing he didn't see coming ...That she would bring down his.Phoenix Rising: Issue #1 puts a rock star twist on novels like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Steel Brothers Saga!Scroll up and one click to see why readers are saying this rock star romance is making their bodies thrum and their hearts sing.Author Note: The series begins as a remake of the SIN trilogy, but evolves to include new rock stars, new challenges, and new rock tours to keep you intrigued and captivated. Get ready to meet the bad boys of Pretty Boy Rock and the heroines that they simply can't resist!

Philippa Ballantine (born 8 August 1971), who also used the pen name Pip Ballantine, is a contemporary New Zealand author of speculative fiction and an avid podcaster. She now lives in Manassas, Virginia, with her husband and collaborator Tee Morris.

She is also the co-author with her husband Tee Morris of the "Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences" novels. The first, Phoenix Rising, came out in 2011 and won an Airship Award for best written work.[3]

Intergenerational conversations with Black lesbian elders and activists of all ages and occupations was a key feature of the journal. The September 1989 issue featured an interview with Vera Martin, who at the time of the interview was a 66-year old Black lesbian activist, who served on countless boards and initiatives including the National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadesrhip Forum, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Urban League, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and more. Other activists, artists, educators, and organizers interviewed included poet and musician Avotcja Jiltonilro; author, poet, and playwright, Jewelle Gomez; and former health editor and executive editor of Essence magazine, Linda Villarosa. Earlier in this essay I mentioned Jiltonilro, as she and Kitty Tsui, an editor of Phoenix Rising, were a part of the media collective Third World Communications and who both, in more recent years, have performed on the same stage together.

With insights drawn from more than a decade of working closely with leading business families and advising the Chairmen and CEOs of their companies, the author argues that if we want to be guided by their long term success, it's the pioneer spirit of the family leaders, plus the enterprising culture of the families themselves, not so much their products or their famous companies, that we should pay attention to.

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